Before starting the install the watch strap, you need to prepare:

  • Watch strap removal tool
  • Several spring bars
  • A tape
  • A cloth or towel

Tape the watch dial and put a soft cloth on the table to avoid damaging the watch during the installation. Then, place the watch face down.


Step 1: Remove the Old Strap

Use a removal tool, insert the forked side of the tool between the lug and the band. You will be able to feel the forked end catch the spring bar ridge.

Gently press the pin inwards the strap and guide the pin to turn out from the hole of lug.

Step. 2  Install the New Band

  • Take a spring bar. Thread it into the new watch band.
  • Then, put a bottom end of a spring bar into a pinhole.
  • Use the tool to compress the other end of spring bar and slide it into the opposite pinhole.
  • Finally, make sure the band is securely placed on watch and not likely to fall off.

Tips: Your new band may come with its own spring bars, make sure these can fit your watch at firstly.